Financial Planning

Ruth is an Authorised Representative of Lifespan Financial Planning Pty Ltd. In this capacity she can provide you and your family with all financial planning services. Lifespan Financial Planning Pty. Ltd. is privately owned and all investments are sourced from their approved lists.

Ruth offers a free financial check up to all would-be financial planning clients.

We all have financial and lifestyle goals that we want to achieve, but as the financial world become more complicated, are you making the right investment decisions? We are constantly bombarded by information through the Newspapers, TV, Investment Magazines, and the Internet. It is important then to process the information correctly and maintain a long-term strategy without being distracted by short-term "noise". This dilemma is further complicated by all too frequent legislative changes to Social Security entitlements, Superannuation and tax rules.

By simply making an appointment, Ruth can determine your goals and objectives and seek to assist you with appropriate financial planning advice. Financial Planning starts with the first meeting but it does not end there. An essential part of her service is to provide ongoing strategic advice to ensure long term objectives are met.

Advice can be provided on:
  • Superannuation & Investments
  • Wealth Creation
  • Social Security Advice
  • Home and Investment Loans
  • Leasing
  • Retirement Income planning
  • Maximising Social Security benefits in Retirment
  • All life insurance
  • Investment Properties

As an authorised representative of a financial planning firm Lifespan Financial Planning Pty. Ltd. I am qualified to advise on the setting of and running of Self Managed Super Funds.