The preparation and lodgement of ALL tax returns can be handled by this practice. With access to tax forms going back many years, individual, company, partnership, trust and superannuation returns from past years can be easily processed.

Advice relating to complex capital gains issues can be given, either prior to the event taking place or when the tax return is being prepared. Capital gains can arise on the sale of assets.

Many of the tax returns Ruth prepares involve rental properties. Ruth has gained much experience dealing with rental properties in tax returns.

When all the published material by the Tax Office is unclear, it is sometimes wise to apply for a Private Ruling. Ruth has lodged many successful applications for Private Rulings. The Tax Office will then accept the decision in the private ruling in the tax return.

It is every taxpayer's right to legitimately reduce the tax they pay. Ruth's advice on Taxation Planning will give the methods to achieve a reduction in the tax you pay where possible. In conjunction Ruth advises using financial planning strategies such as how monies should be invested to best achieve a reduction in the tax payable and aims to provide you with a comfortable income.